About Efi Amoyal

Hi everyone! I am Efi Amoyal the proud parent of three beautiful kids. I am also an expert locksmith based in Tampa, Florida, and owner and operator of America’s Lock and Key. Throughout the past 15 years working as a locksmith, I’ve gotten many a frantic call from a frazzled parent, requesting access to their car with their tots inside. It is so important for parents to know the tips on how to prevent these situations from happening. Happy driving!

Website: http://americaslockandkey.com/

Articles by Efi

How To Avoid Accidentally Locking Your Kids In The Car

How To Avoid Accidentally Locking Your Kids In The Car

Mornings can be hectic with little kids, right? There are breakfasts to be made, lunches to be prepared, and  kids to be dressed, not including preparing yourself for your workday too. When all that is taken care of, you still have to get the kids into the car, along with whatever you need to take along for work that day. And don’t forget the squabbling over rain coats, bickering over seating arrangements... 

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