Avoid Baby Bottle Syndrome & Keep Those Pearly Whites Forever

Babies can and do get cavities, just like children and adults.

Mayorga babybottlemouth without wordsBaby Bottle Syndrome is caused by a particular set of circumstances.

It occurs when a baby is allowed to fall asleep with a bottle in his or her mouth. If the bottle contains a Sugary carbohydrate, (like soda, sugar water, juice, formula, or milk) and the liquid is allowed to pool around the teeth, the bacteria that are present will form acid, which eventually leads to decay.

Baby Bottle Syndrome usually forms on upper front teeth and back molars first. The lower front teeth are protected by the tongue, and decay in this area is seen more often in very advanced cases.

What are the signs of Baby Bottle Syndrome

  1. You may notice you baby or child is having some tooth sensitivity. They may be bothered by sweet foods or cold foods or liquids
  2. You may see white decalcified spots or areas at the edge of the gum line. This is the beginning of Cavity formation and these will eventually turn brown just like an adult cavity.
  3. Look at your Child’s teeth, especially the front teeth top teeth. Look for signs of discoloration or pitting. These are the first signs of decay and you should seek the help of a Dentist or Pediatric Dentist immediately.

You Can Prevent Baby Bottle Syndrome!

  1. Do NOT put your baby to bed or nap time with a bottle!
  2. Do NOT Dip your Baby’s Pacifier in Honey! (yes some people do this!) Aside from being bad for the teeth, honey is contra-indicated until age 2 for children!
  3. Begin Brushing your Child’s teeth as soon as they come in! You can use a soft damp baby wash cloth. No need for toothpaste at this age as your little one will swallow it and we do not want that.
  4. Start your little one on a schedule of regular dental exams by their first birthday!

Find a Pediatric Dentist you LOVE!

It’s Ok to give your little one a pacifier and his or her favorite blanket to go to sleep. However, I would caution against even a plain water bottle as this could be a choking hazard.

Good Dental Habits start early!

So to end with a Dose of Humor.. My Mom always said to us “Be true to your Teeth, Or they’ll be False to you!”

About the Author

Leslie Mayorga R.N. BSN is a Registered Nurse with an AAS in Nursing and BSN. Her areas of expertise include NICU, Pediatrics, Home Health Care, and Special Education. She is a Child Advocate and worked in conjunction with CPS in New York State. Find her at http://www.leslielovesveggies.net/ is a former member of the PedSafe Expert team


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