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Parenting Resources to Keep Kids Safe Online

Today’s kids have never known a time without smartphones and social media. For most parents, keeping our kids safe in this continuously evolving online world can be a daunting proposition. Here are some tools that can help you bridge the gap.

My Roller Coaster Kid: Calm Things Down and Enjoy the Ride

Life with an intense child is like a ride on a roller coaster… Intense kids see more, hear more acutely and feel more deeply. Of course, they have to share all of it with you, ’cause life can be just so overwhelming. So how can you help them through it??

How To Teach Kids Storytelling To Improve Their Friendships

Thinking, speaking or acting impulsively poses social challenges for children. We can help them by using a storytelling activity we call The Thought Bubble Technique. Here’s how.

How to Improve Your Child’s Thinking Skills Using Their Imagination

By using the Thought Bubble Technique we can help children develop their thinking skills. You can use their imaginations, and your own, to teach show them how to be aware of thoughts and feelings and the effects that these thoughts and feelings have on them and the people around them.

Child Health & Safety News 1/29: Selfies Worse Than Bullying

Child Health & Safety News From Around the World: 1-22-2018 to 1-28-2018. This week: Future Looks Bright For Pakistan’s Paediatric Congenital Heart Disease Patients

3 Things Parents Can Do To Help Kids Calm Under Pressure

Self-regulation is the ability to monitor and control our own behavior, thoughts or feelings in accordance with the demands of a situation. It is easier for a child to do this when we teach them what being regulated “feels like”. Here are 3 activities that will help.

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